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Return And Exchange Policy

1, customers in the order of products, please carefully confirm before ordering, by the customer selection error caused by the return demand, Kaikule mall does not assume any responsibility.

2. Most of the reagents are special in nature and complex in storage. Please keep them properly according to the storage conditions. Kaikule does not bear any responsibility for the problems caused by improper storage.

3, the customer after receiving the goods, please inspect the package immediately, if you find any packaging specifications, quantity, variety inconsistent, appearance damage, shortage or defects, please report the situation to the customer service department of Kaikule Mall within 24 hours of receiving the goods (in my order directly click to apply for after-sales, online consultation or call 17558870519). The relevant personnel of Kaikule Mall platform will deal with the above problems in a timely manner, including returns, exchanges and other matters.

4, the product has a clear period of validity, in accordance with the customer in accordance with the storage conditions of proper storage of the goods unopened premise, before the period of validity, the platform to the product quality of a week of guarantee.

5, for the quality of goods and delivery, if the user does not raise objections within the above specified period, it is deemed that the user recognizes the product as qualified.

6, the following types of products can not be returned to the platform:

A. Including but not limited to customized products, blended products, gifts.

B. Leakage or damage to the product caused by the customer.

C. Products that have expired, products with missing or erased labels, parts or descriptions, cooled, frozen, and open products.

D. Specials & Clearly state that Kekule is not responsible for returning or exchanging products.

7. To design product return and delivery, customers need to contact the customer service staff of Kekule last platform and operate transportation matters according to relevant guidance.


A. The time is subject to the receipt displayed on the official website of the express company. Please pick up the package in time!

B. Tear, alter, etc., resulting in batch number, serial number can not identify the product will not accept after-sales application!