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Shopping Process

1. Select products
You can go directly to the product list or search to the product list page to understand the basic information of the product, click or enter the quantity you want, and then select Add to cart.

2. Add to cart
When you select an item, click "Add to cart", then the shopping cart page will pop up, the item will be automatically added to your shopping cart, you can view in your shopping cart.

3. Shopping cart operation
In the shopping cart you can change the order quantity of a certain product, and you can also delete certain categories of products. You can repeat steps 1 or 2 to continue to select the products you need.

4. Go to Buy Now

5. User login and registration
If you are a regular customer, please enter your username and password directly to log in; If you are a new customer, please enter your user name, set a password, upload the company's business license, click "Finish", and wait for the background administrator to approve the purchase.

6. Fill in the consignee information
Please fill in the real consignee's name, location, detailed delivery address, postal code and contact phone number.

7. Select a delivery method
Depending on your region, the product you purchased is solid or liquid. Your area is mainland China, and in the scope of door-to-door delivery, you can choose door-to-door delivery, specific questions can consult customer service.

8. Choose a payment method

9. Order confirmation
After completing all the above processes, you can click "Confirm and submit order", and the order number will be displayed on the page after the order is submitted.

10. Payment
Make payment according to the payment method you choose. After the payment is successful, we will arrange the product delivery in the first time.

Note: If you purchase explosive and drug products, you need to provide relevant qualifications before purchase, and wait for the administrator to approve the purchase.