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Invoice Specification

Kaikule is a VAT general taxpayer enterprise, can provide customers with regular Chinese machine VAT ordinary invoice or VAT special invoice, this invoice can be used as a unit reimbursement voucher (including: VAT special invoice can be deducted).

The invoice shall be issued together with the warehouse invoice. Please provide the invoice information according to the contract before issuing the invoice. For the first VAT invoice, please provide copies of the General Taxpayer Certificate (if any), Business License and Account Opening Permit.


Invoice specification
1. Regular invoice: Kekule provides regular VAT invoice according to law.
2. Invoice amount: The invoice amount shall be issued according to the order and the actual amount paid.
3. Separate invoice: If you want to invoice a variety of goods in the same order separately, please be sure to indicate in the order notes, so that we can operate.
4. Invoice title: The invoice title cannot be blank. Kekule will use the company name indicated in the order as the invoice title. If there is any objection, please point out before ordering.
5. Invoice mailing: Invoices are usually sent by Kekule Express.
6. Invoice content: The default invoice content is "Product details". Please specify in advance if you have any special requirements.


Note on invoice
1. Description of invoice tax: Kaikule is issued at 13% VAT rate according to national laws and regulations.
2. Description of invoice content: Kaikule invokes in strict accordance with the billing information stipulated in the contract. Please be sure to check before issuing the invoice: buyer's name,
Tax ID, goods name, specifications, quantity, amount and other information.
3. Invoice specification: The invoice issued by Kaikule is the Tianjin value-added tax invoice supervised by the State Administration of Taxation, and the contents are filled in strict accordance with the requirements.
And need to affix the special stamp of Kekule invoice to be effective.
4. Invoice reissue instructions:
(1) If the invoice content defects need to be re-invoiced, please call customer service at 17558870519, and the customer service staff will replace the invoice for you. Please send back the original invoice first, and replace the new invoice after the financial department checks the original invoice. If the invoice is re-issued due to the customer's reasons, the additional taxes and invoice delivery fees arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer.(2) Invoice loss or damage, if your invoice is lost or damaged, you can apply to our company, our company to assist in our tax bureau to issue the "lost VAT invoice tax proof", together with a copy of the invoice account fax to you, with the copy can still be reimbursed, if you need to send a copy of the Courier, the customer needs to bear the cost of reissuing the invoice.


Invoicing - How do I get a VAT special invoice

According to the regulations of the State Administration of Taxation, for unit customers who need special VAT invoices, please provide the following accurately:
1. Electronic file of the General Taxpayer Certificate or the Notice of Recognition of the General Taxpayer and any other documents that can prove that your unit is a general taxpayer and the Business License.
2. The regulatory documents to prove the bank and bank account, and the bank and account information are consistent with the tax information retained by your company.
Please send the above contents to our customer service department in the form of attachment. Our company will issue the VAT invoice for you after verification. After the invoice is finished, we will send it to you by express.

Invoice issuance - Invoice verification
You can log in the national VAT invoice inspection platform of the State Administration of Taxation to enter your invoice information for verification.